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Well.this is corny AF lol thearf.org/forums/topic/tube-i-can-only-imagine. Martin Sheen as Joseph Stalin? That's an interesting voice-actor choice. Brad Jones sent me here yaaawwwnnn


thearf.org/forums/topic/new-man-of-will-watch-cinema-160. Well I love the boxcar children book series so this was a big surprise. I haven’t read one of these books in years. I like that’s it’s getting an adaptation but I wish it was a different book from the series. I feel this would of been way better if it was live action more than animated. I personally don’t like the animation style. I’ll give this film a chance though..

JACK. OFF.🤨 Shit shit shit OH GOD NO Wow!! They've grown!!! From the director of Spawn... I’m only questioning why they removed the movies from Netflix. omg this guy is a badass This isn't the box car children? I love the boxcar children Skin.

Halloween 2018 Film now Availebe : { t.co/me5TrY2XRN }




0:52 Charles Manson Quote

who's Kai


This looks like a Star Wars parody😑

Dane's voice 😘😘😘


This new Sims game looks great I loved the original movie and I couldn't be happier they have the same voices. I can't wait! I love the boxcar children so can’t wait for this You know, 2 decades ago, this would have looked pretty okay.


ok but i want a live action series with Mr Carter

Jack mad cz no one like his vlog


nice work man!


This kind of looks like one of those iMovie trailers kids make when they have sleepovers. WTF is dane dehaan doing in this terrifyingly animated thing Pretty decent. But.... Michael Myers would kick his ass. 🎃 This movie sucked and was just terrible didn't even finish it how bad it was lol it's a UK based film horrible acting lol every kill is like cutt off I haven't really read the books at all as a kid. But this feels like it should've been a live action adaption rather than some animation that fits more into a Nintendo game from the early 2000s.






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